How to Prepare for Coon Hunting Season

Coon hunting season is right around the corner. The weather is cooling, the coons are out more, and the coon hunting competitions are in full swing. It’s time to brush yourself off, unleash your dog, and go hunting.

Here’s how to prepare for coon hunting season.

A Good Light

Since coon hunting is a sport done at night it’s important that you have an adequate light to get the season started. There’s a debate whether traditional lights vs. LED lights are the best but we like them both.

Here are some of our topic picks for good coon hunting lights.

The Nite Lite 1083 Rechargeable Coon Hunter’s Favorite 6 Volt Head Light is durable and the battery is rechargeable. The light changes from a walking light to brilliant blue spotlight – perfect for coon hunting. Best of all the battery weighs only 3 pounds so it won’t weigh you down on those long walks.

Honorable Mentions:


A GPS Collar

A GPS collar lessens your chance of losing your dog since you know here she’ll be all the time. Just let her go and watch the GPS monitor. When she trees a coon you’ll be able to easily locate her. If she heads for a road you’ll be able to stop her in time.

Here’s our pick for the best GPS collar.

The Garmin Astro 320 GPS Tracker for Sporting Dogs (Bundle, US) is able to track up to 10 dogs at the same time. This collar is perfect for the sportsman who takes more than one coon hound hunting with him. The screen is a 2.6″ 65k color TFT display. This is the collar of a serious coon hunter.

Honorable mentions:


A Good Pair of Wading Boots/Bibs

Coon hunting means wading through trees, creeks, and briars. A good pair of boots or wading bibs are essential if you don’t want to get drenched or cut up.

Here are the hunting waders we prefer.

The Allen Company Jersey Mossy Oak Duck Blind Camo Neoprene Chest Bootfoot Chest Wader are ideal for any type of hunting. They are adjustable and the rubber boots have a semi hard toe and boast 1000 grams of Thinsulate. These chest waders will keep your dry and warm even on those freezing cold nights wading through the creeks.

After you’ve got those three things in check and a good dog by your side it’s time to go hunting!

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